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  LET'S CHANGE THE WAY    Try to be the best version of yourself and you will feel free and happy! Everyone has his own life. We can manage it as we wish or waste it on non-significant things.   Therefore, instead of paying attention to important matters, we sometimes concentrate on useless ones.  So let's stop for a while and reflect on the following:  Have I ever thought for myself?  Am I doing what I want to do? Do I live my life solely for others?  Am I trying to be a successful living being?  Am I pushing my family and friends too hard?  After you answer those questions, listen carefully to your answers. I hope that constantly putting these questions will allow you to see the change you need in your lifestyle. Real-life is when we live as the most realistic version of ourselves, not what others pretend to us. Being independent and conscious of ourselves does not equate to being selfish. However, when we start loving and caring for ourselves, then we can enjoy adoring
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    The Benefits and the  correct uses of Honey Do you know it? Honey is a natural cleanser, antibacterial, antioxidant, and immunity booster. Honey contains vitamins  B, C and many minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium. It is beneficial for the stomach too due to the presence of enzymes which help in digestion and also to lose weight. Honey helps in problems like Anemia Anemia means the blood level has a deficiency of iron . We lose our strength and we feel exhausted. Our body starts to slow down its functioning.  It has different types of impacts on your body  if it is raw and mixed in cold or hot water. It is more beneficial if we consume it in the morning.  So the right way to consume? We have to take it in warm water. The reason is, the warm water helps to open up our body while the hot boiling water turns the honey into a poisonous state.  The researchers say if it crosses 140 degrees it becomes toxic. The natural sugar contained in honey releases harmful substanc